Shrubs and hedging plants


Shrubs and hedging plants

Hedges are not only perfect as texturing elements for landscapes, but also ecologically much more valuable than constructional room dividers such as walls or fences. They provide protection and a habitat for birds and small mammals, thereby making an important contribution to the local fauna. We supply a wide range of hedge plants such as Carpinus betulus or Fagus sylvatica, which keep the dry, rust-coloured autumn leaves in winter, or evergreen Taxus baccata and Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'. Besides we can deliver numerous other species in large quantities.

Shrubs represent a medium level between trees and perennials and enhance the character of your project, whether planted singly or in groups. Our delivery-range contains a wide assortment such as rhododendron, azalea or bamboo and many more. We are happy to prepare an offer for your shrub planting.

Taxus baccata


Give structure to your project by using hedges and shrubs.

Exochorda ‚The Bride‘

Ready for action

Many shrubs are available as potted plants year-round.

Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'

Parrotia persica


Various species of songbirds feel safe in nest-proof shrubs and hedges. Donate them a living space.