Safe to the destination

VF-Pflanzen Logistics

Safe to the destination

VF-Pflanzen Logistics

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For your handling of large trees, we provide our knowledge.

Burlaping, Bundling & Transport

Trees destined for shipping are digged out carefully in our nursery with a suitable tree spade and then reshaped by hand and spade to achieve a perfect root ball shape. Very large solitary trees are generally digged by hand in order to obtain a larger root ball volume with an individual size and shape, for example also square, and to allow the plant to grow successfully with the largest possible root mass. Then the root ball is wrapped in burlap hardwired with annealed wire to prevent soil from trickling out. These components remain after planting around the root ball, because the wire rusts and the jute cloth rots in the ground. Only in the area around the stem should the wire be removed generously.

In order to achieve the necessary transport size and to carry out the delivery with care, the crowns are tied together before shipment. In some cases, this sensitive process takes several days to recapture the bond in order not to overstrain the branches. The ties should be completely removed during planting and any sticky branches should be straightened. Due to these time-consuming procedures, we ask for a timely call-off of the orders in order to enable on-time delivery.

Loading process in our nursery

At our depot, we work with special cargo gear to load our solitary plants. For this purpose, the wired root ball is hooked into a chain hanger and a loading tray is placed around the stem, which ensures a speedy yet safe and gentle loading.

In the case of particularly sensitive plants and special solitary shrubs, it is possible to move them touching just the root-ball in order not to injure the soft bark. You can either use chain hangers with several hooks or the trees can be transported on a pallet fork. In any case, a particularly gentle handling is required.

To transport the plants from our depot to their destination, we work together with experienced logistic companies from the region.

Delivery during growth

With appropriate preparation deliveries of field grown plants during growth are possible. To protect the leaves from drying out by the driving wind, we wrapped the green plant parts in a tarpaulin. In addition, we load the plants only with contact to the root ball. This can either be done, as here, with a pallet fork or with a cargo gear. The trees should be treated as carefully as loading when unloading. When planting, it must then be taken into account that the trees are anchored correctly, watered extensively and sufficiently irrigated in the following period and, if necessary, sensitive plant parts have to be protected from the sun.

Unloading at destination

For unloading at the destination, we send you suitable cargo gear on loan. When unloading the roof of the trailer should be opened completely and the trees have to be, preferably with a crane, removed from above. Small plants and shrubs on pallets can be unloaded with a forklift truck. If further questions about the discharge or any kind are open, do not hesitate to contact us.