Our Mission

Quality in Green®

Our Mission

Quality in Green®

Premium by conviction

Transplanting with a tree spade.

Our QUALITY IN GREEN® principle is your guarantee of a good performance.

Even on special projects, we can meet the wishes of the architects, the contractors of gardening and landscaping and the public sector to the highest degree. It is the goal of all VF-Pflanzen employees to ensure best results so that our customers are well supplied by our company anytime.

For this, traditional horticultural craftsmanship and technical innovation go hand in hand in our company. Much has changed since the founding of the nursery - but not our aspiration to have always one’s finger on the pulse of the times and to use technical progress for a high-quality result. To reach this, we consistently invest in modern machinery, on the one hand to provide a safe and comfortable working environment to our employees, and on the other to create fast and productive structures.

In order to guarantee the usual high standard for our solitary plants, our entire assortment is transplanted every 4 years with the result that the plants get a compact root ball with many fine roots. Older trees are therefore often transplanted 7 or 8 times. For this process, we use loaders with tree spades of different sizes to ensure efficient operation. Larger trees with a root ball diameter of over 220 cm are first trenched manually with the spade for transplanting, before they are transported to a new location by the loader. Depending on the plant, the covering of the stem with reed mat, the anchoring of the trees and extensive sludging of the root ball and subsequent adequate irrigation are part of the process.

After transplanting, the crown of this Acer platanoides is pruned in order to create a balanced crown to root ball proportion.


Professional pruning of the crowns after transplanting ensure the best VF Quality in Green®

We place importance on consistently crown and topiary pruning as well as the proper irrigation and nutrient supply of our plants. After transplanting, we prune the plants for a balanced root-to-crown proportion and to revise the crown shape. In order to ensure a straight growth of our plants, these are still tied upon rods in large sizes and competitor shoots professionally removed. This process guarantees the variety-specific growth and a balanced appearance of the plants.

In order to ensure healthy growth on your construction site, it is necessary to irrigate all plants and provide them with fertiliser as needed. A professionally correct support of the planting from the beginning ensures a good appearance of your tree.

Pruning a VF solitary tree by using a lifting platform after transplanting.